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Tendercare Update

Hope you are all surviving the onslaught of illnesses that this spring has continued to throw at us! Group A strep pharyngitis, the nasty stomach bug, and vicious viruses are among us! Hopefully spring break will decrease the spread and break the cycle of all this. Allergy season is also here so make sure you…

Tendercare Pediatrics Update:

Hope everyone is getting though this vicious Influenza, Covid, RSV season. I would like to caution everyone about this particular Flu this year which has been the worst I have seen in the past 10 years. I am seeing a lot of Neurologic side affects accompanying this Flu. If your household should get Flu, stay…

Polio in the USA

Well I really did not want this day to come, but for years I have been telling all my unvaccinated patients that we would see Polio in this country again and now is that time. The last case of Polio was a decade ago in a 6mo baby in Texas who had traveled from India.…

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