Tendercare Pediatrics Update

Omicron is here and so are the wait times everywhere unfortunately. However there is really no need to panic. Omicron is a more mild variant of Covid that because of its rapid spread will help boost the world and protect us all from the next variant that may not be so kind. If you do not want to wait on long lines we now have rapid Covid tests available at the office, as well as PCR testing if needed. Our Covid test runs FLU simultaneously since the symptoms of this variant of Covid are similar to the FLU. You will be scheduled as usual so you will not need to wait more than 15 minutes. If you utilize your primary care physicians, this will help the Emergency rooms and hospitals to not be overwhelmed with Covid so they can focus on the critical patients. We have reverted back to masking for everyone secondary to the highly contagious nature of this variant. Hopefully Omicron will flee quickly, but in the mean time please take the extra precautions to keep everyone safe! Remember Covid is not the only game in town. FLU, RSV and Strep A are all rampant. We rapid test for all of these at the office.

On another note, I will be out of the office January 7th- January 14th. Once again Bercky will be in the office from 9am-1pm daily to help with scheduling and questions. The office will be closed completely January 7th-9th, and January 14th-16th. Thank you for your understanding on this matter. The office will return to normal on January 17th.

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