Tendercare Update:

Facebook seems to not allow me to make a post, so I will utilize this site to make updates.

We have now begun to reopen Friday appointments for ill children secondary to the uptick in Influenza, RSV, and Covid-19. We would like to alleviate the long wait times that are occurring at walk in clinics. However, if the office is not utilized we will once again close down Friday hours. So please call for these appointments if you wish for the office to remain open.

Also, at this point we are not stocking or providing the Covid vaccine. We do not have the staff to handle the work load this would entail. We do have the Flu vaccine available, so please call if you would like to schedule one. Influenza is now here with Covid so this may be the year that a Flu vaccine would be helpful!

Please continue to be diligent with hand washing and sanitizing this holiday season. You do not want to share all the circulating illnesses with friends and family. Now that we have learned good habits of keeping others safe lets continue to be diligent!

One more note of importance. We are seeing another uptick in Covid again, as well as Flu and RSV. Because of this we are requiring any sick party who enters the office to be masked. That includes anyone who accompanies the sick child. If you are not masked you will be turned away. Too many sick parties are ignoring the rules and entering the office without a mask, and are Covid positive. We will continue to have sick and well rooms, as well as keeping the windows open for good ventilation to keep everyone safe. Please be considerate of others this Holiday season so that everyone can have a safe and Happy Holiday!

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