Tendercare Pediatrics Update

So sorry for this last minute post but Facebook keeps glitching and I have not been able to post anything. So this is my 4th try! Just wanted to let my patients know I will be out of the office for a medical CME conference from September 16th-26th. Please utilize any walk in facility in my absence. Any phone messages left on my cell will not be returned until I return home, so please do not leave any voice messages on my personal cell. Bercky will be available Monday through Thursday from 9am through 1pm daily in the office. She can assist you with scheduling and administrative issues. Please request med refills before I leave on the 16th, otherwise they cannot be refilled until I return on the 27th of September. Also please drop off any last minute forms or email them by the 14th!

On another note, just wanted to update everyone on an interesting medical article that I just came across in regards to masks. It has not been peer reviewed yet so here is my take on the article. It was a cluster randomized trial in Bangladesh with over 340,000 participants in 600 villages. They randomized villages to cloth masks (3 layer), surgical masks, or no masks. The findings showed that cloth masks had no advantage over no mask, but surgical masks did show a statistically significant benefit reducing seroprevalence by 11.2%. The study is still on going but I think we need this information out there. Lets follow the science. So if you are truly trying to protect yourself then I would suggest a surgical mask. If school districts are trying to protect the students and faculty and are requiring masks, then they need to be appropriate masks or it is just all nonsense and non- science! So either no masks should be worn, or the school districts should provide daily surgical masks to everyone. One new mask per day! Let me be clear, Covid is here to stay and we need to learn to live with it! No more shut downs due to Covid. Life needs to go on and we need to learn how to function in this new world we are now living in! Anyway just wanted to share this because many people are still being exposed to Covid due to cloth masks who may have a false sense of security and believe they are protected when in reality they may be putting themselves in harms way! Stay safe and I will see you on the other side of my wilderness medicine conference if I survive!

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