God I hate COVID!

I was so hoping that this school year would be normal for our children! That Covid would be minimal and children would not have to wear masks. In June we were doing great. We were averaging around 10,000 cases per day in the USA. In July we increased to 50-100,000 cases per day. On August 16th we hit January numbers again with 260,000 new cases in a day. January’s peak was around 300,000. I am so sad for this! However, the deaths are not anywhere near January’s numbers. In January we saw 3-5000 deaths per day. On August 19th we saw our biggest number again of 1700 deaths in a day. That is 1700 people died yesterday. If that had been a terrorist attack or any other setting people would have been very engaged. However, with Covid we are numb to it. We ignore it! How sad that 626,000 Americans exist only as a memory and 4.41M people worldwide no longer exist!

So with that being said everyday I am getting bombarded with people asking for Covid shot exemptions and mask exemptions. Now we see doctors trying to profit off of this by selling them. Doctors are also being threatened by the medical board for disciplinary action if we write any exemptions or spread false information on Covid, yet our government and media do this all the time. They are the ones who have created the mistrust in the medical community, while we struggle in the trenches! Why are schools asking the doctors to write exemptions. They are putting all the liability on the doctors. They should have their own policies in place for special needs children, and children who have already had Covid or the vaccine. If you do not like what your school board is dictating, then you need to vote them out! They were elected by you!

So what is my honest take on everything that is happening. I do not feel that grade and middle school children should be masked or vaccinated. They did very well with Covid. Most had just little coughs, runny nose, scratchy throat, some had fevers. So in that school setting mask everyone but the children to protect themselves if they want to be masked or if they have not been vaccinated, because they are the ones at the risk of death or hospitalization. Let me be very clear in the fact that Covid will be with us forever! Everyone is going to get it sooner or later! Many people will get it more than once! I am now seeing people with second infections. People who are vaccinated will get Covid. My son and I both contracted Covid 2 months after vaccination. I only lost my taste and smell for 3 days. My son if he had not been vaccinated probably would have been hospitalized or worse! He could not breathe. I put him on steroids and inhalers, plus all of his supplements (which to be honest were many), but in a weeks time he was back to normal! I was grateful that we had been vaccinated because I could have lost my son, or my outcome could have been worse. We just do not know!

High school and college kids who have not been vaccinated should wear masks. They are the ones at risk and did worse. If you have been vaccinated or had Covid and had a mild case, then I do not feel masks are necessary. You will probably get Covid again and it will be mild again, but no guarantees! The people who had Covid severe probably do not want to relive that and may want to get a booster dose! If you have had Covid the question is do you need a vaccine. Some of the studies say yes, and some say no! My take on this for my own piece of mind I would maybe give my child just 1 Vaccine to boost immunity as a precaution if it meant that they could live a normal life with no masking!

Please continue with the vitamin regimens I have previously written about. Continue to take vitamin C, D3, Zinc, whole food multivitamins, probiotics, Host Defense, Oil of Oregano plus so many other good options out there. Keep your immune systems strong to fight the good fight! None of this will hurt you and it just may be your magic bullet! You will now need to have caution again in closed in spaces without good ventilation! Use common sense and stay safe.

So please do not keep bombarding the office with exemption requests. I cannot write them! I will not take the liability as instructed by my counsel! This situation is all so unfortunate. As numbers climb I may need to bring back masking in the office. For now that is not the case unless you are coming in with a sick child 2 years of age and above. If so you will all need to wear a mask, as well as I to protect others! Life on this planet will never be the same. At some point Covid will hopefully just be like the other coronaviruses we have already in our environment without mass casualty. People for now will have to learn to live with this new life we have been unfortunately given.

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