Conspiracy Theories and Rumors

I have been practicing pediatric medicine for approximately 25 years. I can tell you the past three years have been like no other. Social media is both good and bad. However, the past three years have become very tiring for me! I decided to become a pediatrician when I was 5 years old. I did not come from a family of physicians. In fact I am the first and only in our whole heritage line. I spent my entire life focused on medicine. When I finally got into medical school it was the happiest day of my life. Goal achieved. Then reality sets in. Study, study, study, work, work, work. Residency was filled with abuse. The days never ended and 100 hour work weeks were the norm. I literally lived at the hospital and worked for days with little or no sleep. The hours were long and grueling. Our mental health suffered, and I am sure this took years off of my life just to make a difference for someone else! I can tell you that even back then I had many disagreements with the medical establishment, but over the years I found my own way of mixing traditional and holistic medicine. It all seems to work when used together, and I love the outcome. Healthy children leading to healthy adults. Stop and try to prevent the disease before it starts. That is why pediatrics is so important!

However, it has become very difficult to practice medicine. Everyone has a theory. That in itself is okay. I do not want people to sit back and believe everything they hear in the media, because most is half truths at best. I went out on my own and opened my pediatric practice in 2003 because I knew I could not practice medicine the way I wanted to working for others. One cannot go against the established medical community working for others. So when you are in my office what I want you to know is that I am your child’s voice. I have nothing to gain by ordering a test, or forms that you must sign for me to see your children. No one can view my charts except for the insurance companies who audit them yearly. That is why I do not keep electronic medical records because anyone can hack anything. I do not share information with anyone. The government has no interest in anyone’s medical records, or this country for that matter! (But that is a whole other discussion!) Anything I do is solely in the best interest of your child. So if you are in my office and I get short with you, I do apologize in advance. It is because you are hindering what I believe to be in the best interest of your child. I do not make any money on ordering tests or labs. I do not even make you come back in for lab review, which honestly is just not done. Most offices will make you come back in for a consult to get paid!

For every medical treatment today there seems to be is a conspiracy theory. For example the new experimental Covid vaccine. There are strong feelings about this vaccine, and rightly so. However, the mRNA vaccines have performed better than anyone could have hoped for. Yet the internet will perpetuate lies, such as the interference with fertility. This is a myth. There does not appear to be any mechanism of action by which reproductive functions would be damaged by the vaccine. In fact the opposite is true. Covid-19 can lead to erectile dysfunction and male infertility secondary to the vascular effects and impaired heart and lung functions seen in men with Covid-19. Testicular dysfunction and testosterone deficiency have been noted in male patients recovering from Covid-19, and we do not know if this damage is temporary or permanent! It is just to early to tell and this is not a myth! We do not know if getting Covid-19 will effect fertility in females yet. It is to soon to know. So which is worse, the vaccine or Covid-19. You must decide this! I made my decision and chose the vaccine. Now I hope for long term success!

So I beg you when in my office to try and listen and respect what I have to say, just as I respect your choices as a parent. Please respect the fact that masks are still required in doctors offices and hospitals for your safety! We are still seeing Covid-19 cases. My choice would be that if you are fully vaccinated then it is your choice not to wear the mask. However, you would have to show your vaccine card. Then that would cause an entire new set of problems and fights that I just do not have the energy to deal with. So I will continue to wear my mask, even though I am fully vaccinated and do not feel it is necessary for well child visits if a parent has been vaccinated. I just want to practice medicine and follow the science with common sense! Please help me do this so that I can continue to practice medicine with your child’s best interest at the forefront of my medical practice!

One thought on “Conspiracy Theories and Rumors

  1. My girls and I are so very thankful for your kindness and cheerfulness Doctor Caso. Every time we are in. Social Media is awful & evil and I think the best thing I did for my well-being and my girls was log off forever 🙂 Regarding Covid vaccines they are a personal choice and judgement is not good, whichever side. There is good and bad to everything in life and you just have to weigh your options. I personally like labs for my kids, for me labs/ hair testing keep me in tune with their health and Help me support their immune systems naturally if needed. No matter how much I and especially my kids dislike mask we don’t disrespect any establishment that requires/wants us to wear them especially a doctors office.


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