The Saga Continues

February 12 another 5463 Americans died of Covid. Another record surpassing 5000. The daily average of deaths is still in the 3000 range, with approximately 42,000 Americans dying every 2 weeks. The pandemic is not over and we all need to remain vigilant. I know we are all tired of this. I really hate wearing a mask, but I do daily to protect others and myself. I am still amazed at people who walk into my office with no mask on when it is posted on the door not to enter without a mask. Listen I do not think I am one of those people who will get Covid because I am exposed daily and have not gotten sick to date. However, I still take every precaution! I wear a N95 mask, I keep the windows open, we clean all day long, and I finally received my first dose of the vaccine! Did I want to take this vaccine-NO. Did I loose 3 nights sleep in fear of this vaccine-Yes. Do I want to go back for the second dose-No. Do I understand that I am now included in this big experiment-Yes. However the one thing I am almost sure of if you do not receive this vaccine you will be excluded from many things in the future such as travel! I am 90% sure I would have been fine taking my Vitamin C, Zinc, Vitamin D, and various other supplements that I take daily. I wish this country was using available medicines to help prevent, not treat all these deaths like Ivermectin and yes hydroxychloroquine! The science is now even stating that the vitamins do nothing to treat Covid if you get sick. The same studies are being funded by big pharma! However, the goal is not to treat Covid, but to prevent Covid! The number of deaths are not declining, and we need to turn this pandemic around! Maybe just maybe we should be giving and doing more to prevent so as not to treat! Be smart. Do things that do not require a mask! Go out hiking, snow shoeing, biking, running. If you are outside you do not need a mask, unless you are in a highly populated area on top of each other! If you are in a doctors office or food store for God sakes wear a mask. This is not rocket science. Let’s make this thing disappear! We need to remain vigilant so we can see an end! Continue to take your vitamins, exercise, get your sleep and keep your melatonin up, and eat healthy for your immune system! Every little bit I am sure helps, even if you are told otherwise!

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