Pandemic Failure

Here we are 1 year into the Covid pandemic and on February 4, 5116 people died in the United States in 1 day. This was a record number. Even in the height of the pandemic last year we never saw this number. Yet no one is even covering this. Just another day. Everything is good now!! 5116 people in 1 day!!! Where is the out rage? Where are the vaccines? Where is the government and the mass vaccination centers? Where is FEMA and the National Guard? Isn’t this considered a national emergency? We had a whole year to prepare for mass vaccination sites, yet we did very little to address these issues. Why as a front line physician who sees at least 2-4 Covid patients daily am I unable to obtain a vaccine? I call daily to the 2 big hospital systems in the Lehigh Valley, but get no where because they are in charge of the vaccine distribution and their people come first, even their employees who have no patient contact and work from home have received the vaccine. I am all for everyone getting the vaccine, but if we do not get the most vulnerable and most exposed people first we will not halt this pandemic. I even received a report from Rite-Aid stating that one of my 16 year old patients with no underlying medical conditions had received his vaccine! What a failure of this government and all of our policy makers that they seem more focused on everything but this pandemic. So I thought our new president had a plan? What is it? Where is it? Do not tell me stimulus checks, this is not the answer. Stopping this pandemic dead in its tracks is the answer. You are telling me that the greatest nation on this planet can not figure this out, “come on man”! Billions of our hard earned tax dollars are being sent over seas for all kind of nonsense, while people are starving on our streets, homeless, and our economy is collapsing due to Covid! We need to take care of America first before we can aid other countries. What happened to America, once the greatest country in the world. So sad to hear my son talk about getting residence in New Zealand because of what is going on in America. Sorry I digressed so lets get back to the matter at hand. Mismanagement, dosages gone missing, fake vaccines appearing around the world! How incredibly inept are we! The new variants of Covid are now taking hold in our communities while we sit back and watch this happen. If this does take place we will extend this pandemic for another year or two. Nothing will get better. Our economy and children will continue to suffer. I never even thought I would want this vaccine. I made it through the first year without even a cold. However, how lucky can 1 person be with continued exposure on a daily basis! We need to get mass numbers of people vaccinated to halt these variants! If not our children are going to miss another year or two of their lives. We are all afraid of these vaccines because of how quickly they were developed, but I think they are our only hope of the world returning to a semi normal condition. So I implore everyone to have a voice and make noise. Wake up this country. Hold our policy makers and government officials accountable to the people! This needs to happen now! We are running out of time! If you cannot handle the job, lets find someone who can!

3 thoughts on “Pandemic Failure

  1. It is totally disheartening that we are STILL dealing with this as if it were new. I also was convinced in the beginning there was no way I was going to get this vaccine, now I’m counting down the days until I get one. And the same scenario..half of my co-workers got appointments right away, half of us were declined for appointments. Makes absolutely no sense


    1. Nellisa,
      Many people are immune after having Covid. I have tested many patients for IgG to Covid that are positive. How long the immunity will last is another question. Could be 1 month, 3 month, 6 month. We do not know yet. This will be the same for this vaccine. Make no mistake, this is all experimental. Even with our traditional vaccines their are people who are not immune after completing the series. Moderna and Pfeizer have shown to be 95% effective. How long this will last for, we do not know!


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